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The management of physical assets is for many organisations a core business activity, integral to business success.

For some businesses, assets provide the entire means of revenue generation, while for others, assets support the continued success of the organisation.  Assets (and their capabilities) need to be designed, acquired and maintained with consideration across their entire lifespan, if the business is to achieve the optimal result from their investment.

The ISO:55000 Standards set the worldwide benchmark for the design, acquisition, operation and maintenance and disposal of physical assets.  The application of these standards delivers a high level of assurance that assets are and remain, both “fit for purpose” and “safe to use” over their life cycle – while always providing the required return on investment.  As more and more organisations adopt these standards however, certain challenges in implementation are becoming apparent.

Implementing ISO55000 standards requires transformational change which affect multiple business units.  Leaders seeking to implement this standard need to be equipped with the right knowledge strategies to embed the principles and requirements of ISO55000 standards in their organisation.

The Asset Management College’s courses are designed specifically for organisations who are grappling with the implementation of ISO55000 standards across their organisation.  The focus is on equipping participants with the insight and strategies necessary to lead this change, develop appropriate means of monitoring success, and create engagement at all levels of the organisation.

The Asset Management College’s courses are designed to enable participants to work through the process logically, breaking apart each step and give participants the opportunity to explore their own organisation’s problems and develop practical solutions to accelerate the roll out.

The Asset Management College’s courses provide the Asset Management knowledge to enable participants improve their business.

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