ISO 55000 In-house Intensive

Delivery Methods: Online Facilitated Program | Classroom Based Program

Course Summary:

This course provides an overview of the ISO 55000 Asset Management series of standards and specifically, how to use ISO 55001 requirements to drive improved business outcomes. Further, this course provides information on how to develop an ISO 55001 implementation plan and how to assure ongoing compliance.



  • Gain the knowledge to enable the identification of Asset Management Objectives
  • Gain the knowledge to develop measurable/quantifiable Asset Management Objectives
  • Understand which ISO 55001 requirements are key to achieving improved business performance.
  • Gain the knowledge to implement all ISO 55001 requirements
  • Gain an understanding of the frameworks to assure ongoing ISO55000 compliance
  • Gain an awareness of how differing asset management cultures influence ISO55001 implementation (business) success
  • Gain an awareness of the ISO55001 required Asset Management Artefacts (e.g. Asset Management Policy, Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and Asset Management Plans (AMPs)
  • Gain an awareness of the range of asset management activities needed to reduce Whole of Life Costs.


Target Audience:

  • Board members and senior leadership team members
  • Asset managers, operations managers, project managers and executive managers
  • Technical and financial decision makers
  • Individuals responsible for ISO 55000 compliance and/or implementing ISO 55001 requirements


Course Content:

  • Identifying business goals
  • Implementing ISO55001 to achieve business goals
  • Forming an ISO55001 implementation action plan
  • Identifying supportive leadership and workplace cultures
  • Learning from asset failures
  • Driving asset efficiency
  • Maximising asset Return on Investment (ROI) and/or Return on Net Assets (RONA)
  • Frameworks for ongoing ISO55000 compliance

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