Peter Kohler

Peter Kohler


An internationally recognized asset management thought leader with a proven ability to deliver innovative solutions.
Recognized as a Certified Fellow in Asset Management (CFAM), Peter has a keen appreciation for the strategic function provided by asset management. He believes that asset management must integrate technical and financial decision-making to deliver business outcomes. This belief is supported by a strong understanding of the technical and financial standards and tool sets used within asset management.

Peter is a mechanical engineer who spent nearly 24 years in the Royal Australian Navy. During that time, he championed the emerging discipline of asset management.

He founded an asset management consultancy in 1996 that operates under the name Capability Partners Asset Management and also co-founded The Asset Management College, with the aim of providing asset management learning and education.

In his public activities, Peter is:

  • The Liaison Commissioner for the Asset Management Council (Australia)
  • Past Member of ISO TC251 Asset Management committee; and
  • Member of IEC TC 56 Dependability committee.

Peter conducts asset management system reviews both nationally and internationally and has done so for many years. He regularly delivers training programs based upon his extensive commercial and government experience. He is a co-author of the AM Council’s (Australia) Asset Management Framework and the IAM’s (UK) Anatomy. He has also contributed to the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) Competency Specification for a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA).

Peter’s significant achievements in the field of Asset Management include the development of:

ISO 55000 Asset Management suite; as a member of an international ISO committee
IEC Dependability range of Standards; as a member of an international IEC committee
AM Council’s “Asset Management Body of Knowledge”, as the past AMBoK Commissioner
AM Council’s Asset Management “Capability Assurance Model”, as the past AMBoK Commissioner