Living Asset Management

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The Asset Management Council, a technical society of Engineers Australia, has produced a wonderful book that presents a new and dynamic approach to the topic of leadership and culture … demonstrating that the principles of developing an effective asset management culture are universal”.  – Marlene Kanga, President, Engineers Australia

I believe this book will become a seminal text for the emerging profession and senior managers wanting to ensure their investment is a success”. – David McKeown, CEO, Institute of Asset Management



Doubling of share price, putting a man on the moon, turning an old refinery into a world-class facility and improving safety are all outcomes that have been delivered by implementing asset management. But just as a tree needs the right climate and soil to produce wonderful fruit, so too, asset management must have the right environment to flourish; the right leadership, behaviour and culture. This book, Living Asset Management highlights our abundant potential to develop and change leadership, culture and behaviour so that asset management will produce the outcomes we want.