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IUK is a consulting, services, expert training and product distribution company based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in areas of power generation, power transmission, power distribution, industrial and Oil & Gas. We understand the challenges of asset management given the aging infrastructure, limited data availability and lack of timely and effective monitoring tools.


Our experts are certified asset management professionals with many years of experience worldwide. Our Asset Management experts can provide guidance on all aspects related to Asset Management in line with ISO55001 framework and a comprehensive description of what asset management professionals should be able to do, know and understand.


Industry Leaders Developing Leaders of Industry
Founded by recognised leaders in the field, The Asset Management College is a fresh approach to professional asset management education focused on developing the leaders of tomorrow. We achieve this by offering a range of asset management and related training courses, with an emphasis on the technical, financial and economic processes, knowledge and tools to support asset management as a strategic business discipline.


The Asset Management College consists of recognised leading technical, financial and economic trainers, facilitators and mentors. All Principal Instructors have professional, industry-recognised certifications such as Certified Fellow in Asset Management (CFAM) and Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) as well as holding a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Each short course or module developed and delivered by The Asset Management College is sponsored and overseen by a Principal Instructor who is also a Certified Fellow in Asset Management. Additionally, the strategic direction and content of the courses is guided by an Industry Advisory Board that ensures that our courses effectively train leaders of industry so they can:


  • POSITION asset management as a key business function;
  • ASSURE the CEO and Board that the physical assets will achieve their key business objectives; and
  • ENABLE the technical, financial and business people within an organisation to work together to identify what needs to be done to assets, and when, so that the key business objectives can be met.

If your organisation has multiple asset managers with varying degrees of experience and qualifications why not talk to us about developing a customized Asset Management Professional Development program for your key personnel. We can combine or tailor exiting modules along with develop new modules specifically to suit your requirements. Programs can be designed to be delivered “in house” using our Instructors or yours.

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    Asset Management Council

    The Asset Management College is a Bronze Corporate Member of the Asset Management Council of Australia, and is one of a select group of external companies accredited to deliver the Council’s Asset Management Fundamentals Course.