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CAAM Course

Course Summary:

This one-day training program offers a thorough overview of asset management. The purpose of the Asset Management Fundamentals program is to understand the fundamentals of asset management and how they can provide benefits to the organisation.


  • Gain the Asset Management knowledge required to become a Certified Associate in Asset Management (CAAM)
  • Obtain formal certification as a “Certified Associate in Asset Management” from the AM Council
  • Gain an awareness of the need to integrate both financial and technical decision making within asset management
  • Gain an awareness of the knowledge to develop a Defensible Maintenance Budget (a key part of any Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget)
  • Gain an awareness of the essential 13 Key Asset Management activities needed to:
    a. Develop a Defensible Maintenance Plans and Budgets; that can also
    b. Reduce Whole of Life Costs.

Target Audience:

Anyone who requires an introduction to the key technical and financial principles that underpin effective asset management.  Anyone who wishes to improve the management of assets within their organisation.  Anyone working in, or who wants to work in, infrastructure, asset management, financial management of asset intensive industries, maintenance engineering or procurement management.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Asset Management
  • Asset Management Principles
  • Asset Management Foundations
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Stakeholder Requirements and Asset Management Objectives
  • Asset Management Technical Processes
  • Management of Risk
  • Asset Management Decision-making
  • Competence and Organisational Structure
  • Performance Evaluation and Improvements

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