Development Of An Asset Management Plan (AMP) Workshop

Delivery Methods Available:

On-Site Workshop (2 Days)

Online Facilitated Webinar (Session structure determined by organisation)

Workshop Summary:

This  workshop offers a thorough overview of the role, use, content and scope of the Asset Management Plans (AMPs), as well as the practical skills to develop AMPs.

On completion of this workshop, participants will have developed a draft Asset Management Plan relevant to your organisation.

This program can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Course Length:  2 days


  • Gain an awareness of the value of Asset Management Plans (AMPs) to your organisation
  • Gain the Essential Asset Management Knowledge of how to develop AMPs
  • Develop a draft AMP including (to be agreed):
    1. The scope and time frame(s) for the draft AMP
    2. The tailoring of the Asset Management Council Models for the Organisation/Company (if needed)
    3. Relevant financial and operational considerations
    4. The scope of the supporting Asset Management System
    5. The requirements for Asset Management Plans, including how many, assets in scope, time frames and relevant financial considerations.

Target Audience:

This workshop is targeted at all organisations who wish to improve their asset management capability.

This workshop is particularly valuable for team members within your organisation who have accountability for developing your organisation’s Asset Management Plans.


  • The value of this workshop to the Organisation/Company
  • The future of asset management in the Organisation/Company
  • The role of, and requirements for, the various Asset Management artefacts
  • How the Organisation/Company intends to use the Asset Management Plans to achieve business outcomes/outputs
  • The content of the Organisation/Company AMPs
  • The process, responsibilities and timing for developing and implementing the Organisation/Company AMPs
  • Asset Management Governance
  • Way ahead

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