Essential Knowledge For Asset Management Professionals

Delivery Methods: Online Facilitated Program | Classroom Based Program

Course Objectives:

  • Gain the Asset Management knowledge to improve your business while implementing ISO 55001
  • Gain an awareness of the need to integrate both financial and technical decision making within asset management;
  • Gain the Asset Management knowledge to implement ISO 55001 and improve their business;
  • Gain the knowledge of how to develop a Defensible Maintenance Budget (a key part of any Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget)
  • Gain an awareness of the essential 13 Key Asset Management activities needed to:
    1. Develop a Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget; that can also
    2. Reduce Whole of Life Costs.

Course Summary: This 3 day training program offers a thorough overview of asset management and the ISO 55001 Standard. The Essential Knowledge for Asset Management Professionals Course provides the asset management knowledge to enable course participants to perform the role of a senior asset manager or lead a team of asset managers both developing:

• A defensible Asset Management Plan and Budget; and
• Implementing an asset management improvement program.

Course Target Audience: Senior technical and financial decisions makers

The role of a senior asset manager can include:

  • Providing strategic knowledge from multiple disciplines and organizations to interpret integrated and diverse processes and systems;
  • Evaluating technical and non-technical aspects of an organisation’s asset management system; and
  • Interrogating and interpreting a wide range of documents, systems and personnel.

The tasks and activities to perform this role include:

  • Identifying the symptoms and understand the benefits of integrated asset management processes and systems;
  • Understanding how organisational elements relate to the requirements of an asset management system;
  • Demonstrating a comprehension of asset management as a set of integrated technical and financial risk-based processes;
  • Communicating with managers and resources.

Course Content: Please see booking page for an individual breakdown of each delivery method.

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