Executive Awareness of Asset Management and ISO 55001

Course Duration: Four Hours

Course Summary:

Provides Senior Managers with an appreciation of the business/operational context of asset management, the role of asset management to support business needs and achievement of operational needs and deliver “value for money” and the business’ Asset Management Objectives.

Seminar Objectives

Executives will:

  • Gain an appreciation of the value that asset management as a discipline, can deliver to business
  • Gain an awareness of the strategic role of asset management, particularly for asset intensive organisations.
  • Gain an awareness of the critical role leadership and a supporting workplace culture is to business success.
  • Gain an awareness of the Fundamentals of Asset Management and why it is impartment that your organisation is imbued with these Fundamentals
  • Gain an awareness of how your organisation can reduce Whole of Life Costs

The strategic themes that underpin Asset Management

Understanding what underpins asset management – the core themes of asset management, include:

  • To support the achievement of business success, asset management must integrate technical and financial decision-making processes.
  • Asset management requires auditable and transparent decision making.
  • Decision-making is fact based, where alternative solutions are evaluated using risk-based methodologies.
  • Asset management requires the explicit development of a supporting leadership style and organisational culture.
  • Improved business outcomes are achieved by improving asset management maturity.

Audience:  Executive business, financial and technical decision makers

Course Content:  A highly interactive session that covers the following topics:

  • Why do we need to discuss Asset Management?
  • Managing Assets versus Asset Management
  • What are assets and what is Asset Management?
  • The Role and Value of Asset Management
  • The Principles of Asset Management
  • The value of an Asset Management System
  • The Key Disciplines of Asset Management
  • The value of leadership and a supporting asset management culture
  • Cost Management over the asset Life Cycle
  • Introduction to ISO 55000 Asset Management
  • Toward a Defensible Maintenance Budget

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