The Asset Management Concept Model

A description of the foundations of Asset Management This is a series of informative articles on physical Asset Management. These articles are intended to inspire and motivate and at the same time and remove the mystique that often surrounds the science and art of physical asset management! To be clear, asset management is not maintenance […]

What is Asset Management?

“Modern society is reliant on physical assets in order to function effectively. Managing those assets so they can provide the right products and services now, and into the future, is a core part of the discipline known as Asset Management. But assets can be made almost anything – a brand, a license, a right of […]

Demystifying Asset Management, AMBoK and ISO 5500X

Confusing right? Well maybe! There are a lot of terms being thrown around and it’s not clear what each of them represent. First of all, what is an asset? An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization.  What is asset management? “The life cycle management of […]